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The Buzz On Vibrating Mascaras


When Lancôme’s Ôscillation vibrating mascara wand hit the market last fall, one had to assume that other companies would quickly follow suit. And so they did: Estée Lauder promptly put out its TurboLash, and after debuting on QVC in December, Prescriptives’ Motor-Eyes Instant Action Mascara is hitting department store counters this week. Our favorite of the three, it does exactly what it promises to do: Turn up the volume, lift, and curl of your lashes in one single turn, coating and separating them in record time with minimal clumping, smudging, and flaking. Yes, we think there is a certain amount of unwarranted hype surrounding these newfangled products—we’ve seen similarly impressive results from more “archaic” non-rotating mascaras—but this one has still managed to find its way into our makeup bag. The only drawback is getting used to the buzzing noise—and the surprised looks from onlookers it garners if you should find yourself having to apply makeup in public. We have gotten some very disconcerted stares from people on the F train recently, but whatever—conformity for no one!

Photo: Courtesy of Prescriptives

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