August 23 2014

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Gwyneth, Goop Come Under Fire


As we’re frequent consumers of foreign beauty news (we like to keep our market research international), we’ve discovered that the British press aren’t huge Gwyneth fans of late. Apparently, personal beauty reflections on her site have gotten the U.K.’s Daily Mail all up in arms. The paper is calling her recent “embrace natural beauty” dictum—which she followed up with product recommendations and DIY at-home beauty recipes—the ill-advised musings of someone who is uninformed. It’s even gone as far as to ask, “Who is to say that ‘natural’ is any safer than ‘synthetic’?” For our part, we have no problems with Gwyneth (except when she slips into a British accent every now and again) and happen to be very much in favor of the outpouring of all-natural personal care products now hitting the market. And while we’re of the mind that organic does typically trump synthetic, we do believe the risk of “green washing” is very real, as more and more companies make false claims in order to get in on the fastest-growing sector of the U.S. cosmetics and toiletries market. Where do you stand on the hot-topic issue of the greening of the beauty industry?

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  1. EcoPretty says:

    I subscribed to her GOOP e-newsletter out of curiosity when the Times ran an article about it and unsubscribed out of sheer boredom after just two issues. I do give her props, though, for advocating natural beauty (my gosh, especially DIY treatments!) when she’s a spokesperson for Estee Lauder. The real question is, What do THEY think about her musings?

  2. Gk85a says:

    We represent Pati Dubroff, the makeup artist that was quoted on Goop last week regarding this matter. We are a little taken back that Condenet would support this type of negative gossip, when clearly all GP and Pati are trying to do is support and share their expertise with other women. Specifically Pati Dubroff who has dedicated her life and career to holistic beauty treatments that offer a healthier way for all women to consider in their approach to beauty. No, not every cosmetic company is Organic yet, but clearly most of them are working towards better practices and GP and Pati choose to support that lifestyle and way of thinking. We applaud both of them for being women of the future, and so should Condenet. And NOT support this type of negativity.

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