August 23 2014

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J.Crew Mouths Off


The new J.Crew catalog came in the mail yesterday. Its arrival has been an exciting day for us ever since we first perused its well-styled pages back in middle school. (We went through a brief period in which Delia’s was our catalog of choice, but that, thankfully, was a passing phase.) J.Crew’s May ’09 edition is pretty standard summer fare: pencil skirts, skinny belts, lightweight cashmere cardis, linen separates, and fantastic swimwear that never fails to inspire seaside dreams in which a perfectly askew silk scarf is tied in our hair. The marked difference this time around comes in the form of a poignant beauty note: Bright lips colored a few of the glossy pages, which are usually populated by models with perfectly tousled hair and “natural look” makeup. It just serves to further our point that lipstick is back in a major way—and also makes us that much more interested in Mona Johannesson’s “dark persimmon” Painter’s Tee.

Photo: Courtesy of J. Crew



  1. rmontoya82 says:

    I love J.Crew, but that first turn of the page with all the jewelry, the dark persimmon painters henley, and the giant red Godzilla lips is a bit much especially paired with the already on sale “saturday pant.” Not to mention the pairing of the boxers underneath the twill shorts, looks as if she should be wearing a hat backwards about to bust a move to Kriss Kross. However the liberty print bikini is to die for and I like how its a summer leeway into the gorgeous Zac Posen dresses of Fall 09.

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