August 22 2014

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A Fringe For All Seasons


As a longtime fan of a long, blunt fringe, I have come to understand that during the summer months my bangs will bear little resemblance to their winter-weather counterparts. But the concept of grease and frizz-free bangs at the height of summer’s humid onslaught is not an impossible dream, according to Leonardo Manetti, co-owner of New York’s sleek downtown salon ION. Manetti advises that anyone battling the effects of sad summertime fringe simply heed these five tips:

1. Avoid applying too much conditioner to your fringe.

2. When you are getting ready, try to keep bangs away from your face at all times. Wear a headband when putting on moisturizer, so they aren’t absorbing any product, and finish your entire skincare and makeup routine before styling bangs.

3. If hair is straight or slightly waved, use a blow-dryer to style bangs. If you have frizz or tighter curls, follow up with a straightening iron.

4. Steer clear of any silicone-based products because warmer weather will simply reactivate them, causing grease buildup.

5. If you are still faced with oily bangs by the end of the day, go for products with a high quantity of alcohol, like a volumizer or a hairspray, or break out the dry shampoo to soak up the grease. Avoid darker-colored hair powders, though, Manetti warns, as these will show up on your face if/when you start sweating (ew).

Photo: Photo: Greg Kessler

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