August 30 2014

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Kilian Hennessy Wants To Sex You Up


As far as I can tell, there’s no correlation between a fragrance’s ultimate popularity and how much its name sounds like that of a movie, although it’s very possible that I could be unfamiliar with the nuance of perfume nomenclature. CK One, for example, doesn’t sound like a movie; Obsession totally does; both were huge commercial successes. Kilian Hennessy, the man behind the luxe By Kilian line, has invited this train of thought by naming his new perfume Back to Black: Aphrodisiac, which has a certain cinematic ring to it, in that it smacks of a skin flick. Due out in September, the smoky scent is intended to be Eros-inducing, according to its creator. “Smell me, I’m wearing it,” Hennessy said at the fragrance’s launch party at the West Village boîte Charles this week, offering his neck and simultaneously conjuring images of a weekend tangled up in bed sheets at a fine hotel. “It’s the tobacco, supposedly, that’s the turn-on.” The perfume does indeed have a dark and sultry appeal, but a sweet honey note that surfaces after the lengthy dry down is what really hits you and made me think, yes, a film-caliber name does equal olfactory achievement. Or maybe it was the fact that the party was also a celebration for the launch of Hennessey BLACK, a cocktail cognac that was being liberally passed around the room, coupled with the mere presence of Kilian Hennessy, the (very handsome) scion of the Moët Hennessy clan, that skewed my opinion. Regardless, I left with a full bottle of the fantasy-laden elixir in hand, excited at the thought of any further testing that may be required.




  1. angie417 says:

    lookin forward to it.

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