September 2 2014

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MAC, The Bees’ Knees For Summer


Cleopatra mixed it with milk and bathed in it; Queen Anne of England used it to silken her hair; and this month, MAC is making the most of honey’s amber color, prized skin-softening abilities, and sweet scent for the launch of its new Naked Honey collection. In addition to dabbling in the scent category with two honey-tinged fragrances, the line also boasts three new lip glazes, eye shadows, and highlight powders in shades of gold, apricot, and warm brown. We found ourselves most intrigued by the range’s skincare offerings, though, which include a moisturizing body wash and cream, as well as a multipurpose salve that you can use anywhere that needs a little hydration or shine. It’s sort of like Elizabeth Arden’s original Eight Hour Cream, but the delicate aroma and creamier texture of MAC’s formula, which is packed with organic beeswax, sunflower oil, and yes, honey, trumps the old standby.

Photo: Courtesy of MAC Cosmetics

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