July 30 2014

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Your Hair’s Favorite Fruit


INDIAN GOOSEBERRY/(In-Dee-Uhn Goos-Ber-Ree)/n./ 1. Also known as Phyllanthus emblica, a fruit found primarily in India and Nepal with a sour and bitter taste; /n./ 2. The most concentrated source of vitamin C in the plant kingdom, containing nearly 20 times more than that of an orange; /n./ 3. The fruit and its oil are powerful antioxidants that have been used in traditional hair formulations for thousands of years to nourish, moisturize, strengthen the follicle, promote growth, and prevent premature graying, e.g., “Your hair will like Indian gooseberries more than your belly.”

Try it: Neil George Indian Gooseberry Treatment Oil, $42,



  1. SalescoopCaro says:

    Constantly blow drying and straightening takes a toll on my hair in the form of AWFUL split ends. I’ve been looking for a good serum that does more than just moisturize, and from this description, this one seems like it might be a winner. I love that it is made to actually strengthen the hair, and gives you more bang for your buck. I am also partial to products that are made with natural ingredients. Great post!

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