September 3 2014

styledotcom This natural nighttime serum gives @rubyjean_wilson her radiant glow:

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Cassie Scores With One-Upmanship


We have previously branded Cassie as part of Alice Dellal’s ever-growing troupe of doppelgängers, although at the 40th anniversary of the lunar landing sponsored by Louis Vuitton last night, she went from follower to trendsetter—or at least trend-modifier. Not content with a simple asymmetrical shave, the singer razored a design into the side of her head à la the popular early-nineties style. A good move, in our estimation, and one that seems necessary if only to separate herself from recent adapters of Dellal’s signature cut (we’re talking about you, Carmen Electra). Thoughts on the look?

Michael Loccisano / Getty Images



  1. FrancoiseZooey says:

    I personally prefer the shave without razored designs.

  2. jzas55 says:

    I love. I die.

  3. thebunnie says:

    This is without a doubt the most worthless recycling of a trend ever. Punk had a point – this is just plain stupid.

  4. thecupcakeconspiracy says:

    Wow, this blog is laaaaaate on this “trend”. people have been doing the fade designs wayyyy before dellal, even kelis is a better example of this.

  5. frejamacarons says:

    cassie tries too hard to make a name for herself. She always comes out with these wacky ideas, but they are always a watered down version of what other famous trendsetters do. Her face screams ‘rihanna wannabe’. She should have stuck to doing ads for target.

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