September 2 2014

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Death By Tanning: Moves To Ban The Bed


After legislation to regulate tanning-bed use in Florida and Texas started a public discourse over the health risks associated with fake-baking, the International Agency for Research on Cancer in Lyon, the cancer arm of the World Health Organization, has placed tanning beds on its list of the most cancer-causing substances and habits, alongside arsenic, asbestos, and mustard gas. In reviewing the latest evidence, scientists decided there was no doubt that ultraviolet radiation could trigger the disease, according to the Associated Press, thus bumping it up from its former status as a “probable carcinogen.” The new classification means artificial tanning is now just as bad for you as smoking and contracting the hepatitis B virus, among other carcinogenic activities. We get the feeling that the research will likely spawn more federal interest in the bronzing business, which we’re actually all for. Sometimes big government is necessary to stop people from harming themselves, i.e., pumping quarters into coin-operated tanning beds and dousing themselves, unprotected, with UV rays. But that’s just us. You?

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  1. MollyMag says:

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