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Diane Kruger’s Nocturnal Transition


Diane Kruger has become something of a master at changing up her look from photo call to film premiere since the press junket for Inglourious Basterds began way back in May at Cannes. Her appearance yesterday in Germany proved no exception, as the actress took a taupe-y mauve smoky eye from day to night, pinning her soft beach waves into a sleek forties-era style and slapping on a deep berry lip for a complete day-to-night transformation. Which look do you prefer?

Photo: Anita Bugge / Wire Image



  1. NotMod says:

    Both, really. Either done twice would have been a bore… Variety rules!

  2. victoriousv says:

    i prefer the glam look!

  3. victoriousv says:

    i definitely prefer the glam look!