September 2 2014

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La Lohan’s “Sunless Secret” Actually Someone Else’s?


Fans of Sevin Nyne, Lindsay Lohan’s “breakthrough” new tanning mist that was released to national acclaim at Sephora a few months back, might be interested to know that the revolutionary formula that Ms. Lohan and her co-conspirator in bronzing, Lorit Simon, claim to have created was in fact stolen. Or at least that’s what St. Petersburg, Florida, chemist Jennifer Sunday is alleging in a lawsuit she filed in a Tampa federal court. According to an article in the St. Petersburg Times, Simon signed a confidentiality agreement in January with Sunday’s company, White Wave International Labs, while the two parties negotiated over samples of the tanning mist. But before they were able to agree on a price, Sevin Nyne curiously hit the market. The formula in question uses natural ingredients including goji berry, caramel, chardonnay extracts, and a sugar-coconut base, which gives the product its appeal in a market filled with synthetic competitors. Perhaps Lohan’s first foray into the beauty world, which she named after her lucky numbers, will prove not so lucky after all. Thoughts on the allegations and the product itself?

Photo: Courtesy of Sephora

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