September 1 2014

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Nooka Bottles The Scent Of Time


Nooka is set to upstage Cadillac as the “least likely company to dabble in perfume” in the contest we’re personally conducting at the moment. The watch company known for its kooky colors and trendy shapes—not to mention those luminescent timepieces it gifted Kanye West after his Glow in the Dark tour last year—just launched a fragrance that is intended to smell like (what else?) watches. The conceptual scent features notes of leather, minerals to conjure images of polished steel and quartz, and top notes of “electricity,” but it’s the freshness of the Japanese yuzu and the spicy pink pepper that really hit the nose. We’re now taking predictions for the next improbable brand to venture into the challenging world of olfactory creation. Arctic Shiver by Frigidaire, perhaps? Your turn.

Photo: Courtesy of Nooka



  1. pamcasso says:

    Eau d’Alcohol from Skyy Vodka?? I have definitely had wines I would wear, so that sort of opens up some intriguing possibilities.

    Frygrease from McDonalds?

    Libro from Random House or some other publishing company? I love the smell of books and magazines.

    This Nooka fragrance actually sounds really wonderful to me.

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