August 29 2014

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Scarlett, From Chestnut To Ginger


In what is our favorite incarnation yet of Scarlett Johansson’s frequent adventures in hair coloring, the actress and new Mango spokesperson lightened up a bit for the opening night of the LA Shorts Fest yesterday, leaving her brief stint as a brunette behind for a shade of strawberry blond. And so the inevitable question: better off brown, flaxen, or golden ginger?

Photos: Steve Granitz / Wire Image, Carlos Alvarez / Getty Images, John Shearer / Wire Image



  1. ChristianDouglas says:

    I love the new color. Redhead girls are always the best. Tori Amos, Marcia Cross, etc. :-) !!!!

  2. RobChameleo says:

    well, she did strike us all with her flaxen hair, alluding somehow to marilyn monroe. With the flaxen she looks younger, with the strawberry she looks older, and with the brunette she is not noticeable at all. I would go for the flaxen

  3. Screengem says:

    Blonde by all means. She has a voluptuous blonde persona.

  4. gigipowers says:

    I am a fan of the blonde. Not the brunette shade that has that purplish tinge to it. Althought the Copper colour is quite pleasant and had i never known she was a blonde I probly would have preferred it. But shes a blonde to me and I think she looks best as one

  5. liubimica says:

    to me, she looks best with the golden ginger

  6. empresscat says:

    Her trademark blonde is much lighter than her natural blonde – but it looked natural on her because she had the colorist match her father’s hair. It’s classic and looks stunning on her. The brunette shade she wore was too dark for her and overwhelmed her… but I’m loving the new red shade. It’s more playful than the blonde, looks natural and is flattering.

  7. smilesmuchly says:

    i think golden ginger works well on her. it definatly gives her a fresher look compared to the other two.

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