September 2 2014

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The Celebrity Fragrance Hall Of Shame


Dancing With the Stars recently replaced QVC, in our mind at least, as the last refuge for one-time A-listers still looking for life in the limelight, but a new final destination for fame-seekers seems to be emerging, courtesy of the beauty industry. The world of celebrity fragrance, long home to big names and pseudo-celebrities looking to capitalize on the medium’s mass appeal, appears to be getting an unlikely pair of new acolytes in the coming months. Amy Winehouse’s alleged desire to license her name to a perfume house made big news around the blogosphere last week. A host of reports about GM’s new Cadillac fragrance, which is set to debut this fall, received somewhat less attention, but of the two it’s the one we find more entertaining. Produced by Beauty Contact Inc., a Dubai-based cosmetic company, the automotive-inspired scent boasts notes of grapefruit, chamomile, geranium, tarragon, and cinnamon, rather than “new car smell,” and is a commemorative effort to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the luxury sedan. Whether or not the new fragrance is intended as a post-bailout revenue-generator, it’s an intriguing endeavor, although we’re not totally convinced that the resources wouldn’t have been better spent on, say, developing electric cars and more hybrids. But we’ll keep our expertise to beauty for now. Would you douse yourself in either perfume?

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