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Clarins Perfects Handheld Brow Grooming


There’s something about the onset of fall that always makes me slightly more aware of my brows. I’m not entirely sure what the correlation between cooler weather, a return to knitwear and leather booties, and thicker, defined brows is in my mind, but it’s pretty much an annual inkling. I try to keep my arches as full as possible all year round (mostly by keeping them out of my tweeze-happy hands and trusting them to my brow-groomer), but at-home maintenance is required on occasion, as the grow-out period can leave them in an unruly awkward stage. Brow kits can confound even the most seasoned beauty guru, but I was intrigued by the simplicity and pared-down concept behind Clarins’ new Pro Palette Eyebrow Kit. It boasts three application tools (a pair of tweezers, a dual-ended brush, and a wand), a brow powder in three different shades for filling, a clear wax for hold, a highlighter, and a handy plastic overlay with illustrated instructions as to which brush and which product go where. And the silver compact fits easily into my bag for on-the-go touchups while riding the subway. (Oh yes, I am that person.)

Photo: John Shearer / Wire Image

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