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Keira Knightley Goes Bust?


The airbrushing techniques employed by fashion magazines and advertisers are back in the headlines. Self editor in chief Lucy Danziger recently defended her publication’s choice to give Kelly Clarkson a more svelte physique, and now, according to the Daily Mail, Keira Knightley has once again attracted the attention of the retoucher. Or rather, her breasts have. In 2004, promotional posters for her movie King Arthur were significantly, er, boosted for the cleavage-loving U.S. market. And now, the Mail posits, Chanel has followed suit, giving Knightley a more bodacious bosom in the new, pretty bare, Coco Mademoiselle ads. Is airbrushing just one more tool in an image maker’s bag of tricks, along with dramatic lighting and makeup (after all, the great Hollywood glamour shots of the thirties and forties were hardly what you’d call natural)? Or does it create unrealistic and unattainable images of women? Weigh in below.



  1. Lollipopfop says:

    Its not a documentary of her body. Its an attempt at art. Commercial art, but still.. I wonder if folk walked into the atelier of Peter Paul Rubens and say “Hey! She isn’t half that round! Did you make her bigger in your painting?” A model is simply an element of the work. Like clay. Its not a picture of Kiera Knightly. Its just that the photographer used her to make his piece.

  2. StephanieClaudia says:

    But in response to the add itself, the rounder and bigger the breasts, the more it looks like trashy Erotica and the less it looks art. Nothing against women with fuller breasts, I’ve got some now thanks to the wonderful benefits of motherhood…but still, thats the way society reads it.

  3. pending says:

    …You may want to save the ‘it’s art’ defense for a photoshop job that isn’t a boob job. Or something as tired as a shirtless perfume ad, aka 50% of all perfume ads.
    Facts are facts: this is not art, it’s an ad. It’s not a particularly creative ad, and it’s most definitely a picture of Keira Knightly because it’s trying to leverage her celebrity into selling perfume, its reason d’etre as an advertisement. But it doesn’t think Keira is sexy enough as a mega-billing female star, so it gave her the boob job she never needed to try and sex her up to sell perfume. Totally pathetic.

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