August 27 2014

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Kiehl’s Vs. Northern Exposure


I spent last week in Maine, and my first summer trip to “Vacationland” was greeted by unusually warm temperatures. Despite very diligent sunscreen application, I was still plagued by a face full of freckles and the aftermath of my attempts at protection from the elements, i.e., a hard-to-remove residue of SPF products and salt water. Some nightly deep cleansing was in order to restore my epidermis to its normal, non-oily state. Luckily, among all the long-sleeved shirts that went unworn in my suitcase was Kiehl’s new Rare Earth Pore Minimizing Collection, which uses fair-trade white clay from Marajó Island at the basin of the Amazon River to detoxify and refine pores for a super-fresh, matte finish. The exfoliating Cleanser boasts natural diatomaceous earth to properly slough away a day’s worth of fun in the sun, but it’s the Refining Tonic, the second step in the regimen, that really hammered home the clay’s “it’s working” feeling. With a few upward strokes of a cotton pad, I swiped away bacteria, toxins, excess oil, and dead cells and could actually feel my skin tighten a bit. The oil-absorbing oat kernel flour and soothing aloe in the Lotion meant that my face was soft and not greasy by dinner time. Now, I’m back in New York sporting a tan, a near-perfect complexion, and a few novelty T-shirts that I just couldn’t pass up.

Photo: Courtesy of Kiehl’s

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