August 29 2014

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Make Up For Ever Moves Into Prime Time


Someone must be listening to us up there. After complaining yesterday about the heat and its incompatibility with any desire we might have to wear makeup, cooler temps and decreased humidity have arrived in New York. For diehard foundation wearers, complexion perfection is once again possible. But let us remind you that while the sun may not be at its most face-melting at the moment, UV damage is still a possibility. Enter Make Up For Ever’s new UV Primer, a hybrid sunscreen and primer to prep and protect skin. Whereas adding SPF to makeup can be detrimental to its efficacy—not to mention the fact that most products that do possess the UV blocker do so only in minimal strengths—Make Up For Ever has incorporated a broad-spectrum SPF 50 into its primer to block both UVA and UVB rays before makeup even enters into the equation. The extremely lightweight formula goes on sans any undesirable chalky white residue, and, even better, its non-greasy formula boasts reflecting mineral pigments to illuminate skin while providing the perfect base to hold your foundation. Result? It makes for a nice, soft-focus serum that minimizes pores and blurs fine lines all on its own, which might be its sole functions when the 90-degree weather returns.

Photo: Courtesy of Makeup Forever



  1. Dilda says:

    Being a london > nyc import, the humidity has been disgusting… I already use mufe mat velvet cos it’s oil free, and reading this now, makes me tear up a little.. thank you for sharing. Tomorrow lunchbreak : sephora.

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