August 27 2014

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Protection From The Pool, At Your Disposal


I took up swimming a few years ago after some knee problems made running painful. Since then, I’ve learned to love the ritual of immersing myself two to three times a week and gliding through the water, stretching my limbs as far as they can go. I also love what swimming does for my body, but it does have a couple of drawbacks. First, there’s the havoc that the chlorine wreaks on my hair, and then there are the arguments that sometimes arise with other, more intense lap swimmers who make outrageous claims that I crossed over into their part of the lane (which I didn’t, I swear). But I digress. The damage is exacerbated in the summertime when I combine beach and pool activities, entering into a constant battle with sun, salt, and chemicals. Stylist friends have advised applying a leave-in conditioner to my damp hair before entering the water so that the shaft is already at its water-holding capacity when I am fully submerged, but some products work better than others. With that in mind, I give you Philip Kingsley’s Swimcap. It’s an intensive cream formula that guards against discoloration and dryness while it conditions parched tresses. It’s the latest addition to an arsenal that includes goggles, ear plugs, and the monogrammed “Out to Win” bathing cap I recently purchased—you know, to make would-be aggressors aware that I have no intention of backing down from confrontation.

Photo: Courtesy of Philip Kingsley

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