July 31 2014

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Rose And Evan Do Lunch


Afternoon events are tricky; cocktail-hour smoky eyes and bold lip colors can look garish in broad daylight. The issue is how to look chic without appearing overdone. At the Hollywood Foreign Press Association’s annual installation luncheon yesterday, Rose McGowan and Evan Rachel Wood delivered on both counts, offering up sweet and sultry daytime options, respectively. For her part, McGowan chose to accessorize a flirty pink blush-and-gloss combo with a casual headband, while Wood went sophisticated with a mauve shadow, sheer dusty rose lipstick, and a soft French twist. Two very good options for future duplication. Which do you prefer?

Photo: Steve Granitz / Wire Image, Frazer Harrison / Getty Images



  1. victoriousv says:

    evan rachel wood wins! very sexy and sophisticated.

  2. victoriousv says:

    evan rachel wood wins. she looks very sexy and sophisticated. she definitely spent more time preparing than rose.

  3. RobChameleo says:

    its funny that both these girls have dated or in Evan’s case IS dating Marilyn Manson. Does one go ultra-chic after dating Manson? Or does Manson pick the chic girls? Its even weird to say Marilyn Manson and chic in the same sentence. But going back to your question, I prefer Evan Rachel Wood, I believe she looks timelessly elegant while mcgowan looks like a chic teenager

  4. Screengem says:

    You mean Rose McGowan’s tired-eye look is actually a look applied with make-up made to enhance?

  5. bevc says:

    i prefer wood’s look.
    screengem: McGowan’s “tired eye look” is because she was in a car accident two years ago that pushed her glasses into her face.

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