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A Guide To Under-Eye Care, Courtesy Of Tammy Fender


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I wear a lot of under-eye concealer and the skin in that area often gets dry, so the pigment from my concealer looks cakey. Should I be using a primer or an eye cream as prep before applying makeup and if so, do you have a recommendation for a product that will be good for my sensitive skin?

This is a common skin concern, as the delicate area around the eye contains no oil glands and is often one of the first places to show age in the form of fine lines and wrinkles. Often the concealer that is being used will contain synthetic ingredients, which act as drying agents to the tissues of the skin and further exacerbate the problem. An eye cream or gel is an important part of one’s skincare routine and should be used a.m. and p.m.—and as often as needed throughout the day—to soothe, cool, hydrate, firm, and protect. It is also beneficial to utilize the techniques of manual lymph drainage when applying your eye cream, to activate stagnant and sluggish lymph that accumulates from toxins and lack of rest. This stagnancy leads to dark under-eye circles, puffiness, and dullness. Start from the inner corners of the eye and lightly tap outward to the temple and then downward to the ear, throat, and neck, as this will expel any lymph out and away from the eye area. When choosing an eye cream, select a formulation with hydrating botanicals, herbal extracts, and omegas 3 and 6, which are found in chamomile, rose-hip seed, green myrtle, nettle, and elder flower—a combination that is nourishing and toning while serving to increase elasticity and renew softness. As a final step, mixing your concealer with your eye cream is a great way to keep the eye area supple and hydrated and eliminate the dry and cakey look of dehydrated skin.

A psychology major turned renowned facialist, Tammy Fender has become one of the most sought-after holistic skincare experts in the country for her unique approach, which targets the “whole person.” Relying on the healing properties of essential oils, she has created a successful custom-blended product line and operates a treatment studio in West Palm Beach, Florida.

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