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Armani’s Diamond Doll


Little escapes Giorgio Armani’s famous eye for detail, from the runway right down to the star-studded front row fan club. The Armani faithful always arrive in clothes that blend together beautifully in a carefully considered and controlled palette. This season it was soothing gray tones mingled with black and white, but in the VIP room we found an unlikely embellishment that managed to slip under the Maestro’s radar. While interviewing actress Zhang “Memories of a Geisha” Ziyi, something sparkly distracted us. “Oh, you’ve seen my nails!” exclaimed the face of Emporio Armani, holding up her dainty hands for closer inspection. “Nail art is huge in China,” she explained, flashing a set of tips painted with a blood red lacquer and Swarovski crystals around the cuticle line. It made for a delightful display of individual expression runway-side, which got us to thinking if the same thing could ever fly on the catwalk. Anyone want to weigh in?

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