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Drew Barrymore Brings A Taste Of New York To Toronto


With fashion week in full swing, it’s easy to forget that there are pictures being taken outside of New York City right now. But Drew Barrymore snapped us to attention with a new hairstyle last night at the Toronto International Film Festival premiere of Whip It. Perhaps taking cues from Daphne Guinness’ popular skunk stripe, Barrymore decided to play with black and white, blunt-cutting her medium-length blond locks and dip-dying the ends in dark pigment. It’s…interesting, to say the least. Can you get behind it or do you find the conceptual look a touch too high fashion for a trip up north?

Photo: Michael Tran/Film Magic



  1. jessbennett says:

    Oh, I’m sorry: too high fashion for Toronto? Perhaps her supremely classy look would have been better suited for the haute couture of Los Angeles (vomit!) or maybe Dover, Delaware.

    (A) This look is not high fashion.
    (B) Toronto is the fashion capital of Canada and TIFF is one of the most upscale events of the year. We can handle it.

  2. maggiewrobel says:

    I have to agree with the other commenter.

    Is there something Canada has done to give you an impression that we somehow lack style?

    This may be a good time to point out that Daria Werbowy, Jeremy Laing, Lisa Cant, Heather Marks, Coco Rocha and Dean and Dan Caten are all proud to call Canada home.

    And that’s just a few names. I could be here all day listing more.

    As for Ms. Barrymore’s hair – which is certainly edgy and cute, so no disrespect to her – she’s been proudly announcing that she did it herself in her bathroom at home. Drew seems to be embracing the warmth, down-to-earth grace and style that Canada has in spades.

    It’s too bad the same can’t be said of

  3. staples1957 says:

    Drew looks great no matter what she decides to do. She is very brave.

  4. thebunnie says:

    There was nothing about her look that screamed prom night. Nothing about a billionaire’s wife is anything like high school.

  5. ealariv says:

    Is it even high fashion? I don’t find it artistic. “Interesting” is a forgiving word. I just don’t like it. Props to Drew for trying it though! I prefer her hair blonde– ALL the way to the end.

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