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Foxy Brown’s Sticky Situation


Chalk this one up to a case of when bad things happen to good people. Foxy Brown’s plan to pull off dramatic fake lashes—à la the gilded set Viktor & Rolf designed for Shu Uemura circa 2008—came unhinged at last night’s VH1 Hip Hop Honors, when her lash glue let her down. It’s a common problem that plagues the eye-embellishment-wearing set and one that even we have struggled with in the past (you’re not alone, Foxy). We’ve had some success with Shu’s adhesive, although we are still on the lookout for the ultimate sticky substance to avoid slip-ups like this one. Any suggestions would be much obliged.

Photo: Jeff Kravitz/FilmMagic



  1. erica123b says:

    I feel your pain Foxy. I’ve been a victim too.

  2. justinshysteria says:

    As a makeup artist I would say this problem is often a result of poor lash application. Each style of lash needs to be trimmed to each person’s eye with a great deal of attention paid to the placement of the inner corner. If you or your artist bring the lash to far in the lash will poke you and cause you to tear and/or touch yours eyes and result in the lash popping up. If you are unsure of what to do when trimming and placing the lash just trim it so the inner corner is half way between the inner corner of the Iris and the inner corner of the eye. Correct the gap with a liquid or gel liner. This insures countless hours of comfort.
    SHU UEMURA’S Lash glue is hands down the best on the market it’s cream texture insures nothing runs in the eye and it dries to a sponge-like texture to prevent lash damage,

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