August 22 2014

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Tammy Fender Fights Breakouts The Holistic Way


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As a longtime acne sufferer, I’ve been tempted to try all the different acne kits that keep surfacing at my local Sephora. But there doesn’t seem to be any good all-natural options. Are there certain herbal ingredients I should be looking for that are just as effective at fighting blemishes as the synthetic stuff?

A natural approach to caring for and healing the skin is always more beneficial than using synthetic or chemical-based products, which can be irritating and can strip the tissues of vital nutrients, prematurely aging and dulling the skin. This is a primary concern for women after their teenage years who experience breakouts caused by hormonal factors, stress, and food allergies. Our Clarifying Dermagel is the first all-natural healing acne product targeted to relieve redness and irritation, prevent scarring, and accelerate the healing of acne while inhibiting the production of excess oils without drying the skin. Otherwise, for long-term health and radiance, the earth has given us a valuable medicine chest of essential oils to heal and prevent acne and congestion of the skin. All essential oils are antiviral, antiseptic, antifungal, and antibacterial and work on a cellular level with the body, resulting in the most effective and immediate results, while nurturing and healing the skin. Here are some choice herbal ingredients that work well when it comes to fighting acne:

Myrrh: Native to Egypt, this miracle herb was traditionally used in ancient Greece for the treatment and healing of wounds. Detoxifying and anti-inflammatory, it encourages healthy new cell growth, increases blood circulation, strengthens immunity, prevents scarring, and is known for its extraordinary antiaging properties while positively influencing the healing process of acne and congested skins.

Thyme: Considered one of the most potent and antiseptic herbs, it is recognized for its preserving effect on the tissues of the skin and was used by the ancient Egyptians in the embalming process, as well as in the treatment of wounds for its ability to speed up the healing process and bring the skin back to health and vitality.

Tea Tree: Native to Australia, this herb was dubbed a “cure-all” medicine for healing and disinfectant properties that make it a wonder drug, specifically beneficial when used in the treatment of acne.

Lavender: Often called “first aid in a bottle,” this powerful cell regenerator balances the sebum of the skin and is a gentle antiseptic for acne and scars.

A psychology major turned renowned facialist, Tammy Fender has become one of the most sought-after holistic skincare experts in the country for her unique approach, which targets the “whole person.” Relying on the healing properties of essential oils, she has created a successful custom-blended product line and operates a treatment studio in West Palm Beach, Florida.

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