August 20 2014

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A New Contender In The Lipstick Wars


Of course, in this age of the statement lip, we have our go-tos. When it comes to reds, we swear by Dior Rouge No. 999 in Fiery Red; it’s discontinued but can still be unearthed with a little online sleuthing. For fuchsia, it’s gotta be YSL’s Rouge Volupté in No. 10 Provocative Pink. But that said, every once in a while we still admire other women’s bright pouts from across a room and make a point to find out what they are toting in their makeup bags. (Read: We stare awkwardly until it becomes impossible not to initiate conversation.) This happened recently during Fashion’s Night Out, when we spotted Rihanna wearing a delectable shade of tomato red—a sighting that we immediately posted on this blog. Further investigation revealed that the “Umbrella” singer is a fan of Giorgio Armani’s new Rouge d’Armani, which just hit shelves this month. She’s not the only one. The range has a growing list of acolytes who are seeking out the highly pigmented bullets for what the brand has termed Color-Fil technology. Makeup artist Linda Cantello translated Mr. Armani’s skills for building seamless, sophisticated textile layers into cosmetic form, creating long-lasting opacity and exceptional wearability. (Read: a non-drying, flexible formula that eliminates the “is my lipstick flaking off?” insecurity that comes with wearing a bold hue in general.) We took No. 600—a deeper, more purple fuchsia than we’re used to—on a test run this weekend, and it was a big hit. For those of you in the market for an impeccable orange-red, Riri’s No. 401 should do you just fine.

Photo: Courtesy of Armani

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