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At Miu Miu, A Transcontinental Double Take


We had a weird déjà vu yesterday while poring over images from the Miu Miu runway. Those long braids swung over one shoulder? Was this early September in New York? Had the Alexander Wang girl hopped a plane to Paris, forgone her Sunday football inclinations, and embraced a series of girly prints and sequined dresses? No, obviously, but let’s be honest; the backstage beauty similarities are uncanny. We love a thick, loose braid just as much as the next girl. Nevertheless, we’re generally of the mind that Redken’s Guido Palau should’ve switched things up even just a little bit at Miuccia Prada’s second outing this season—especially since he was also responsible for the style’s debut appearance. Save for a middle part and a few more inches of length, however, the hair is identical. The one distinction between the looks came via the makeup. Whereas Diane Kendal focused her energies on a spiked, full brow in New York, Pat McGrath chose the lashes as her focal point in Paris, adding feathered falsies to both top and bottom lash lines for a feel of doll-like innocence. Do you mind the repetition on such a large stage, or are you willing to let it go because, hey, it looks just as good the second time around?

Photo: Greg Kessler, Don Ashby & Olivier Claisse




  1. localcookbook says:

    it looked good because it was so faux-
    miu miu faux faux

  2. marvoi says:

    even better the 2nd time

  3. julian_garcia says:

    Palau is a genius, but even I noticed the slip-up the minute I laid eyes on Miu Miu SS2010. Wouldn’t you think such a heavyweight dealing with such an even bigger heavyweight (Miuccu) would change it up. Unless, Mrs. Prada absolutely wanted the Alexander Wang look, well that’s an entirely different story…

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