August 31 2014

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Daphne Guinness’ Scary Stare


Seeing as how Daphne Guinness has made the skunk stripe her signature hairstyle, she easily ranks among both the beauty and fashion worlds’ avant-garde. But she’s been taking her proclivity for quirkiness that extra step further during the Paris shows by making crazy eyes at photographers, literally. The heiress-turned-perfumer has been favoring crystallized contact lenses of late, an odd trend that is picking up steam in New York as well (we saw you sans irises at that Persona magazine party last month, Amber Rose). We’re all for pushing the envelope, but at the end of the day, do these optical illusions come off as stylishly eccentric or just plain weird?

Photo: Greg Kessler



  1. NotMod says:

    This is October, remember?

  2. gingerred says:

    I love Daphne’s eccentricity. But this “trend” – if it can be called that – is a little weird. I strikes of theatricality and self-reinvention, which certainly have something to do with beauty and fashion, but there’s an element of body modification that’s extreme (e.g., prosthetics like at McQueen) and I think these lenses are more to that end. Besides which, if eyes are windows to the soul, what do these lenses say about the soul? :)

    Going with NotMod’s comment, this could all be a little in-your-face Hallow’een fun!

  3. julian_garcia says:

    I think Daphne pulled these babes off great. Love it!

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