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Hard Candy Is Back, Plastic Is Fantastic, And More…


If you’ve been mourning Hard Candy’s disappearance from department store floors, you’re in luck. The line has been revived by an unlikely hero: Wal-Mart. Now you can once again pick up its popular ring-topped nail polishes, glitter eye shadows, and fortune-telling lip glosses, and that hunting rifle you’ve had your eye on. [Butterfly Diary]

While Venezuela continues to enter engineered beauty queens into pageants worldwide, Hungary has opted to help create a more level playing field by giving unnatural beauties a contest of their own. Miss Plastic Hungary helps put that country’s plastic surgery business in the spotlight. You’ve never seen such fine craftsmanship! [ABC News]

More evidence is mounting linking skin cancer to heredity. So wear your sunscreen—and look into that family history, stat. [MSNBC]

Part cosmetic, part pharmaceutical, cosmeceuticals are emerging as the sole beauty sector to have weathered the economic storm with profit gains rather than losses. Just think of your continued purchasing of antiaging creams and eyelash serums as doing your part to combat the recession. [Times Online]

Photo: Courtesy of Hard Candy

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