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Jimmy Choo Does Fragrance, Jessica Simpson Goes Geisha, And More…


Jimmy Choo has inked a 12-year global fragrance development and distribution licensing agreement with Inter Parfums SA to add a signature scent to its thriving shoe business. If you’ve ever wanted to spritz yourself with the essence of a strappy, studded stiletto, you will soon get the chance. [WWD]

The makers of Botox are challenging a U.S. government rule that prohibits marketing its wrinkle smoother for unregulated uses. Allergan Inc. alleges that the policy restricts information that is needed for patients’ safety and argues that it should be allowed to provide information on the benefits and dosage of, say, shooting yourself up with botulinum toxin to combat that excessive sweating, migraine, or sagging-posterior problem. Ah, Allergan. Always looking out for consumers’ best interest. (We’re sure the potential for increased profits never factored into the impending lawsuit.) [Bloomberg]

Updates from the production of Jessica Simpson’s new beauty reality show are finally here! According to dad/manager Joe, she becomes a geisha in Japan, sits in a fattening hut in Uganda, and has gotten nothing but sympathy from the international beauty community for her frequent media scrutiny in the U.S. (Apparently, they saw those ill-fated high-waisted jeans photos in Uganda, too.) []

Earlobe surgery is the new boob job. A procedure to restore elongated, saggy, and wrinkled lobes is gaining popular favor, proving the persistent theory that there is nothing you can’t nip and tuck. [Daily Mail]

Ever wonder how Beyoncé keeps her thighs so strong and trim? The answer is heels. She still does the “boring things that everyone else does,” i.e., squats and treadmill exercises, but it’s practicing her choreography in sky-high pumps that keeps her toned. We’re thinking about starting a “wear your Louboutins to the grocery store” initiative to get similar results. [OK Magazine]

Photo: Courtesy of Jimmy Choo

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