September 2 2014

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Juliet Has A Gun, And Now It’s Fully Loaded


Romano Ricci, great-grandson of renowned couturier Nina Ricci and the self-described “offbeat dandy of the fragrance world,” is somewhat opposed to conformity. That’s why he started his three-year-old rose-tinged niche perfume collection, Juliet Has a Gun, in the first place. The fragrance range is a means of exploring the multifaceted nature of Shakespeare’s heroine, who, in his estimation, embodies the infrequently explored idea of female juxtaposition—the idea that a woman can be at once innocent, sophisticated, and, above all, provocative. To wit, when conceiving a portable vessel for the full-sized flacons of his first three scent offerings, a simple miniature spray vial or solid perfume pot simply wouldn’t do. Instead, Ricci wanted something that looked both dangerous and classic, with a touch of the controversial thrown in for good measure. And so he arrived at the purse bullet, a roll-on device that fits perfectly in your bag for on-the-go pulse-point application. Each one comes with four refillable cartridges in one of three scents: Citizen Queen, which blends rose notes with a citrus, woodsy accord; Lady Vengeance, a rose, patchouli, and vanilla eau; or Miss Charming, a fruity rose offering with a good helping of musk at its base. Call it weapon or toy; just don’t call it conventional.

Photo: Courtesy of Juliet Has A Gun

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