April 21 2014

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A Gossip Girl Double Take: Will The Real Queen B Please Stand Up?


We posted the above image of Leighton Meester on Wednesday, when she attended the grand opening of the American Eagle Outfitters’ New York flagship store sporting a matte red lip and gray/violet raccoon eyes, which is why seeing Taylor Momsen at the Cinema Society and D&G screening of New Moon last night was particularly jarring. Sure, Momsen used a softer gray shadow in lieu of her go-to black eyeliner and included a glossy red lip instead of a satin finish but, like…really? As looks go, it’s a pretty bold one to repeat less than 48 hours after Meester. Who do you think wore it better?

Photo: Getty Images



  1. JulieNicole says:

    Smokey eyes and red lips do not make these looks similar. Taylor’s smokey eye look much different than Leighton’s and I am not just talking about the color. Those are two extremely common makeup looks done differently on both girls. Leighton’s is very modern and edgy while Taylor’s is a very classic look… no comparison unless they both were rocking the same style of that look.

  2. cruellasmiles says:

    that’s not just an average eye. Leighton’s are more of smoky goggles – and so are Taylor’s. A total rip off. and Leighton wins!

  3. erica123b says:

    Leighton! At least she is making music and has the hair down and wavy for rock star edge. There is something about Momsen I find jarring. Maybe its because she is only 15 or 16 and desperately wants to look like a heroin user. Luckily this version of her look is improved with a touch of glamour.

  4. bkdnyc says:

    Definitely buzzworthy. Being a brown-eyed girl, I’ve been taking notes for years on purple offering great contrast for brown. Pray tell, BC, who wears this look better? Browns or Blues?

  5. LesleyH says:

    That is a seriously intense smoky eye… I would have opted for a muted lip to balance out the whole effect. they must use the same makeup artist.

  6. AngelaC says:

    Whether the dark eyes/red lips look was on display within two days or two years, it doesn’t flatter either actress. At all.

  7. davisk says:

    neither…. I’m kind of over this dark, coked out, strung out, grunge eye look…..

  8. abranova says:

    I think Leighton (even though I love her) has too much of a prominent cheek bone to pull it off. The over manicured eyebrow, contour cheek, glitter shadow make this look like she is set for a stage performance. I think Taylor pulled it off looking sexy and sophisticated. I would love a smile once and a while though.
    Sidenote: my favorite look Leighton has ever worn was for instyle magazine. She wore a very au natural taupe smokey eye. It was so soft and sexy.
    Also as a makeup artist I believe all eye colors can pull off a smokey eye. Sometimes shying away from true black and concentrating the intensity closer to your lashline helps. And a good undereye concealer.

  9. mon_y says:

    taylor momsen..leighton is to dark! she had a strange make up mask…she doesn’t look so beauty in this way!

  10. kellystyle29 says:

    Momsen looks like a Halloween character try and tone it down
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