September 3 2014

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Baby Beauty Queens, Diet Debates, And More…


Photographer Susan Anderson’s new book High Glitz, which features a series of child beauty pageant portraits, has sparked a debate about whether or not making a six-year-old look like she’s 45 with an excess of makeup is in fact child abuse. Anyone? [Allure]

New Beauty magazine has homed in on way to get readers to buy the products within its pages: put samples in a vending machine. In a word, genius. [NBC Miami]

The lengths women will go to for breast implants are apparently quite long (and seriously deranged). [The Cut]

The latest taboo topic Tyra Banks has deemed worth publicizing? The “tapeworm diet.” That Tyra, always on the edge of controversy. [SF Gate]

A new study asks, which makes you happier: a low-carb, high-fat diet or a high-carb, low-fat diet? The one with more baguettes! [Washington Post]

Photo: Courtesy of powerHouse Books

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