August 22 2014

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Botax Is Here, Rachel Zoe: Beauty Blogger, And More…


Elective cosmetic surgery just got a little more spendy. [Fox News]

Let it be known: Sun-kissed skin is a “Zoe Do.” []

No need to go under the knife for that eye job you’ve been thinking about. A laser’ll do ya just fine. [NYT]

Perfumers searching for a way to overcome a decline in fragrance should look to the atomizer. [NYT]

Sarah Palin is launching a new fragrance, aptly called Eau de Maverick. We kid, we kid. (Although it’s not that outlandish of a proposition.) [Huff Po]

L’Oréal recently published an illustrated book that is only sold in France, which retraces the French firm’s growth from a small business to a multinational conglomerate. We wonder if the Liliane Bettencourt scandal is in there. If so, it might be worth calling in a favor from that Paris-based friend of yours… [WWD]

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  1. LesleyH says:

    Wait a second… wasn’t Sarah Palin complaining about her “sexist” Newsweek cover the other day? Is this how she expects to be taken seriously?

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