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Mind Your Sternum, Girls On Film, And More…


In the age of the navel-dipping dress, sternum maintenance takes center stage. [Glamour]

Fashion companies aren’t the only ones making films to push product these days. Nick Knight and Pat McGrath recently teamed up to put Max Factor back in the movies. [WWD]

A female Viagra? It could be closer than you think. [WebMd]

After six unisex scents, Costume National’s first men’s fragrance, which reportedly boasts a “heart of rock ‘n’ roll,” will hit Barneys next week. Ladies need not apply—although we might anyway. (Nobody’s keeping us out of that boys’ club.) [WWD]

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  1. daisylimah says:

    It girl!

  2. NotMod says:

    Oh, the lonely jacket, and its many gifts to te flat and narrow… Sincerely, yours for the ride! May that it lasts in the open, this one good habit of fashion.