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New Hair Heroics: Hollywood Glamour, Out; Amphibious Sea Creatures, In


“Gone is the day of the perfect updo,” Redken creative consultant Guido Palau recently declared over a preholiday lunch to discuss next season’s biggest hair trends. Palau has said goodbye to the pristine twists and turns of yesteryear and is advocating instead a new era that utilizes these same classic shapes with unexpected textures and a little less precision. “I tried to create a lot of variation on what real women—not just 16-year-old models—can wear,” he said of his most recent runway portfolio, which includes the coveted over-the-shoulder braids at both Alexander Wang and Miu Miu, not to mention Prada’s pigtails and the mattified turbans-cum-chignons he coiffed backstage at Lanvin. “If a piece falls out or bobby pins are visible, all the better.” As for inspiration, there’s one place Palau isn’t looking these days: the red carpet. “I’m not really inspired by celebrities right now—except for Rihanna—because they all appear to be going to the same hairdresser,” he joked, pointing out that the long waves and hair extensions popular with the Hollywood set shouldn’t necessarily be emulated. “We need to communicate change!” he stressed. Change, like the amphibious ridges he sculpted at Alexander McQueen? “Well, fashion is there to amaze us, too,” Palau countered. “Not always to be worn, but to be marveled at.”

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