August 22 2014

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Robert Pattinson’s Facial Flaws, Tom DeLay’s Permatan, And More…


Despite his heartthrob status, a popular facial analysis Web site reveals that Robert Pattinson’s nose is too wide for his face length and his mouth. He’s got good facial symmetry, though, so maybe that explains the world-wide obsession. If you can handle the ridicule, there’s an “upload your photo” option too. [Live Journal]

Unfamiliar with the term microflora? It refers to the 1,000 species of bacteria and fungi on your skin at any given time. Gross, yes, but new research shows that some of these bugs might be able to boost your immune response to injury and ward off disease. So don’t go dousing yourself in bleach just yet. [Forbes]

Forget “Tweet What You Eat.” New diet fads suggest fitness is next to godliness. [Daily Mail]

If you’re curious about Tom DeLay’s chestnut-colored skin, six-pack abs, defined cheekbones, and sculpted arms on Dancing With the Stars, your suspicions are correct: Yes, it’s all about the airbrushing. [WSJ]

Non-invasive plastic surgery is on the rise. Here, a user’s manual to nipping and tucking without going under the knife. [Daily Mail]

Photo: Stephen Lovekin/Getty Images

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