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No More Boob Jobs For Italian Teens, And More


Italian teenagers who must, must, must increase their bust may find those hopes deflated if new legislation passes—the government is seeking to make breast-enlargement surgery illegal for those under 18. [The Telegraph]
Lily Allen reveals that she suffers from body dysmorphic disorder. She may not think she’s beautiful, but we sure do. [Huffington Post]
Disney’s first black princess also happens to be the first with curly hair. Let’s file both of those achievements under too little, too late. [Time]
Powdered skin, rouged lips, finely plucked arches, and finger waves galore are on display at Ellen von Unwerth’s Fräulein show, a retrospective of the artist’s best work that just opened at New York’s Staley-Wise Gallery. [T Magazine]
Remember when your doctor insisted that exercise was the panacea for period pain? Well take a deep yogic breath, because according to a group of researchers from Birmingham University, he was wrong. [BBC]
You may swear you didn’t inhale, but your curls say otherwise. More employers are relying on hair testing to determine drug use because it reveals long-term habits better than the standard urine test. [The New York Times]



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