August 21 2014

styledotcom 18 examples why you shouldn't be afraid of #MomJeans:

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Tanning, From The Inside Out?; Dior Beauty Joins The Vlogger Generation; And More…


A recent study confirms what most of us already knew: Environmental factors like smoking, being overweight, and not using sunscreen are more likely to cause the physical signs of aging than a genetic predisposition. (Sorry for the accusations, Mom.) [Science Daily]

There is hope for the sunscreen-shunners among you, though. A new anti-sunburn drug that protects even the palest of people from skin cancer and UV rays may be hitting the market. It also allegedly causes a tan, but isn’t being branded for cosmetic purposes… yet. [The Telegraph]

Following Stila’s lead, Dior Beauty has started its own video site, featuring tutorials on how to best apply its products. Watch out, Lauren Luke. [Independent]

You say tomato, L’Oreal says great skin. The French beauty company has just released a new cosmeceutical in Europe that puts the wrinkle-preventing power of lycopene in one daily pill. Color us red with envy. [Daily Mail]

Professional-grade beauty devices for hair removal and washing, sloughing, and perfecting your skin are infiltrating the market. Behold the age of the “prosumer.” [L.A. Times]

Photo: Ken Reid/ Getty Images

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