July 10 2014

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Your Nail Polish Has A Shelf Life. Sad, But True


On a typical Sunday afternoon in our apartment (football on the TV, girl friends perusing our beauty coffers on the kitchen table), an interesting conversation took place about nail polish. That’s right, we don’t just write about beauty, we live it. Everyone admitted to stockpiling bottles of lacquer in cabinets, drawers, and boxes—anywhere you can safely store limited-edition Chanel offerings and go-to colors from Essie, Nars, OPI, and Zoya—but there was bit of indecision among us as to how long we could feasibly keep up the hoarding before these backstocks go bad. And so, reinforcements were called in via e-mail. “Two years,” says Dashing Diva’s head nail tech, Pattie Yankee, who explained that after that time, polishes have a tendency to become thick, sticky, and stringy. Yankee recommends keeping your stash in a cool place and flipping the bottles from right side up to upside down every couple of months to keep them at their best. As for the urban legend that refrigeration will keep that bottle of Jade alive forever, no such luck. “It will not extend the life, but it will keep it consistent,” Yankee says. If you love something, let it go…

Photo: Garry Gay / Getty Images

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