August 31 2014

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Botox: One Big Terrorist Plot? Jane Fonda, Back In Lycra; and More…


As a black market for Botox emerges, security experts are on the hunt for secret factories churning out raw botulinum neurotoxin, which, of course, is not only a potent wrinkle-reducer, but also one of world’s deadliest poisons. Counterterrorism and the beauty world have officially collided. [Washington Post]

Jane Fonda is back at the workout tape game, with a new video slated for release next year targeted at boomers looking to “feel the burn.” [Telegraph]

Need a bottle of dry shampoo, some lip balm, and a pair of fishnet stockings ASAP? Ricky’s NYC now delivers. Go on and add a wig to your order for good measure. [Ricky’s NYC]

Montblanc will be getting its own signature scent in the coming year, and with Eva Green on its spokesperson roster for jewelry and watches, we’re going to go out on a limb and peg her as the natural choice to front the campaign. [WWD]

Dita Von Teese spilled the contents of her makeup bag this weekend on Twitter, and we are pleased to point out that we share at least one cosmetic obsession with the Burlesque queen (MAC Care Blends Essential Oils)—although with 12 “essentials” pictured, you likely do too. [Twitter]

Photo: Courtesy Everett Collection

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