August 27 2014

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Drugstore Discovery Of The Week: Freida Pinto Loves A Scrublet


I’ve been patiently waiting for Freida Pinto’s first campaign for L’Oréal to break ever since the post-Slumdog contract offers came pouring in early last year. Well, break it finally did a few weeks ago, revealing the Indian model-turned-actress as the spokeswoman for the brand’s new Skin Expertise Go 360 Clean cleansers. I’ve never made haste to the drugstore for a beauty product based on a celebrity endorsement before, but last night Pinto’s commercial was enough to get me to the Rite Aid. It wasn’t just her pretty face that lured me out into the cold, though. The new cleansers make some lofty claims about skin perfecting, including, but not limited to, smaller pores, a more effective removal of dirt and grime, and softer skin. And then there’s the Scrublet—a malleable handheld scrubber that pops out of the bottle to provide safe exfoliation every time you wash (they’ve already copyrighted the genius term, much to my editorial chagrin). After giving the Deep Cream Cleanser a whirl, here’s what I have to report: The Scrublet is as fun and easy to use as advertised and the cleanser did provide a squeaky clean—with a lather and a cooling after-effect that will definitely perk you up in the morning. It did leave my face a little dry, but for oilier skin types I imagine it’d work quite well. Consider it a small-screen success for the big-screen beauty.

Photo: Courtesy of Walgreen’s

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