August 29 2014

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Living Proof’s Full Monty


The big story at the Golden Globes this weekend—aside from a questionably tactful but undeniably funny Paul McCartney dig and an Elvira-looking Cher—was the wet humidity that made shiny faces and frizzy hair all but unavoidable. Hairstylist Laini Reeves turned to Living Proof’s No Frizz line for extra protection. She used the brand’s Wave-Shaping Cream on Emily Blunt’s newly trimmed shoulder-length locks for a slight, weather-resistant curl that came across blunt and chic. But that wasn’t Reeves’ only trick; she was also packing Living Proof’s Full Thickening Cream, a new product from the ever expanding company that enhances body without the risk of excessive puffiness. It’s based on a new polymer that adds heft to thin, limp hair without making it brittle and stiff. The thickening molecules created by the company’s crop of MIT doctors are as flexible as they are durable; the formula lasts longer than other bodifying products and its effects reportedly improve as the day goes on—so nothing, not even a rainstorm on your parade, ruins your hair.

Photo: Courtesy of Living Proof; Kyle Rover/

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