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At Marios Schwab, Daring To Go Bare


Despite the season, not a pair of tights could be spotted on Marios Schwab’s runway yesterday. But we didn’t see the typical high-shine gams in their place. According to St. Tropez’s Nichola Joss, next fall is all about a matte finish. “I’m not suggesting flat, mannequin skin that foundation can sometimes give you,” Joss said backstage. Instead, she recommends mixing your moisturizer with a little bit of pigment to mask the blotchy paleness that plagues most of us during the seasonal transition. Her advice: Use the cosmetic part of St. Tropez’s Everyday Perfect Legs, which comes equipped with two pumps (one with a bronzer, the other with a gradual self-tanner), and mix it with your go-to lotion or body cream. Just how far into next winter you’re willing to insist that you’re “not cold”? That’s entirely up to you.

Photo: Courtesy of St. Tropez; Marcio Madeira /

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