August 28 2014

styledotcom When did we become so obsessed with butts, though?

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Dita Helps You Get Your Beauty Sleep, The Truth About Zit Zapping, And More…


Dita Von Teese is edging her way ever closer into the beauty biz. She’s just designed a pink silk satin eye mask in collaboration with Moschino. We would be all over a “By Dita” cosmetics line. Just sayin’. [Stylist]

You’ve heard of the Twinkie defense, but how ’bout the Atkins defense? A woman in the U.K. claims that her recent DWI was the result of her own body producing alcohol due to a low-carb diet. The judge didn’t buy it, in case you were wondering. (Those two priors really hurt her case.) [Daily Mail]

Curious about those at-home acne-zapping devices that boast advanced heat and light-emitting technologies to take aim at breakouts? Results are a mixed bag, apparently, although a fully functional blemish taser seems like a perfectly feasible idea to us with the way technological advancements are being churned out these days. [Mercury News]

Speaking of innovation, behold the Internal Bra System, a mesh, permanent built-in support that is implanted underneath your skin to function as “a bra cup without the straps.” What will they think of next? [Daily Mail]

Photo: Andy Gotts/ Twit Pic

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