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Drugstore Discovery Of The Week: Keeping It Simple


Winter is really a slap in the face, especially when it just keeps coming at you (the New York blizzard they’re predicting for tomorrow—right before fashion week—is a huge downer). Aside from the sartorial hazards it presents, the relentless cold weather has been seriously damaging to my skin, leaving it red and raw. I recently started going for really long jogs in the freezing cold in lieu of my overpriced gym membership and to, you know, maintain a little sanity as the season pushes on. The endorphins are definitely great, but the inflamed, cracked face I’m left with is decidedly less so. Enter Simple skincare, a new U.K. import currently available at your local Duane Reade. The range includes a full line of face products as well as select hair and body items that are all completely free of harsh, irritating dyes and fragrances. What you’ll like most about the formulas, though, are the prices: Nearly everything goes for under $10. The Refreshing Facial Wash Gel is a current favorite. A sexy version of Cetaphil, the soap-free, grasshopper green goo cleanses gently without stripping my skin of its natural oil. (Tip: It’s pretty concentrated; a nickel-size drop is all you need.) The snow and frigid temps may persist, but at least now you can fight back on the cheap.

Photo: Courtesy of Simple Skincare

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