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Lady Gaga’s Shimmer Effect Shows Up At The Grammys


Since Lady Gaga started sporting those sparkle-heavy eye patches last year, crafting glimmering shapes well past your peepers has caught on like wild fire. At last night’s Grammy Awards, Russian pop star Nadeea went with a silver homage to the Fame Monster, while Billboard chart-topper Ke$ha opted for a less blatant multicolored glitter salute, equipped with some heavy black liner for an “I brush my teeth with a bottle of Jack” effect. If you don’t want to take it quite to those extremes, you can still do high shine with style. Case in point: Rihanna. She opted for a silver opalescent shadow and some individual, spaced-out lashes, which can have as much impact as the in-your-face stuff, especially if you mind this helpful tip from makeup artist Mylah Morales: “Use a wet brush to apply your shadow for increased opacity and staying power.” If it looks that good on RiRi, it just may be worth a test run at home.

Photo: Kyle Rover / Startrack; Gregg DeGuire / PictureGroup / AP Images

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