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Making Day-Old Hair And Makeup New At Rag & Bone


Backstage at Rag & Bone yesterday, makeup artist Gucci Westman (she’s also the wife of designer David Neville) answered that age-old question that all hipsters-in-training have grappled with for years: How to get the perfect, slept-in look without actually passing out fully clothed with the lights on? “Picture Kate Moss when she wakes up,” she said about the visual inspiration for her handiwork, which included clean skin, a slight sheen on the lids, a flesh-colored lip courtesy of Revlon’s ColorBurst Lipstick in Soft Nude, and an effortlessly smudged eye that can in fact be achieved without a night of hard partying. To get what Westman referred to as “remnants of makeup,” she lined models’ lids with Revlon’s Luxurious Color Eye Liner in Black Velvet and used fingers and Q-tips covered in moisturizer to jostle it up a bit. To achieve the bedhead look he described as “early-nineties grunge innocence, but boyish,” Guido Palau back-combed the hair above the crown and then, using liberal spritzes of Redken’s Workforce Hairspray, matted it down in the front and tucked it behind models’ ears. Trollers of Bedford Avenue, your secret is out.

Photo: Greg Kessler /

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