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Powder Is Pretty at Thakoon


At this stage of the game, most beauty-conscious folk are familiar with hair powder. The concept of putting spritzes of dry shampoo at your roots to absorb excess oil and prolong blow-outs has become a favorite of the primping and priming set. But coating your entire head with the stuff? Backstage at Thakoon yesterday, where spontaneous clouds of white billowed in the air, hairstylist Eugene Souleiman and his team did just that. “It’s talcum powder,” one of the coif masters on hand revealed as we watched him dress models’ hair with liberal squirts from gigantic old-school bottles, finger-combing it from the mid-lengths through the ends and setting it with a few shots of hot air. The age-old texturizing technique is pretty effective: Within minutes, clean, silky hair that had been given a slight wave with a curling iron for volume looked matte and piece-y—the perfect complement to the models’ strong brows, which makeup artist Diane Kendal sculpted using Nars eye shadows in Bali and Coconut Grove. To balance the dullness of the hair, Kendal worked the shine factor, coating models’ lids with Tzarine, Nars’ new shimmering eye-shadow duo for Fall. The effect managed to be both hard and pretty at the same time—a difficult line to skirt but well executed here.

Photo: Courtesy of; Greg Kessler /

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