August 28 2014

styledotcom When did we become so obsessed with butts, though?

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Sex Sells, Spring Cleaning For Your Makeup Bag, And More…



















The burlesque beauty trend that sparked up a few years back (thanks, Dita) is inspiring an increasingly large pool of pheromone-based fragrances and sexually charged cosmetics lines intended to make you actually irresistible. [Independent]

Did you know that the concealer you’ve had in your makeup bag for the past two years has likely gone bad? Ditto the lip gloss and highlighter. Here, a handy guide to when you should say out with the old, in with the new. [Daily Mail]

The Twilight film saga may have inspired a cosmetic range, but its biggest beauty impact may be inadvertently steering impressionable youths away from cancer-causing tanning beds and sun exposure, thanks to the collective paleness of Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson. Sometimes, it pays to be a creature of the night. [Express]

Collagen filler devotees, rejoice: There’s a new injectable in the works made of tiny beads derived from purified brown algae. It lasts up to a year, too, so your “real” lips won’t need to be touched up every three months anymore. [Allure]

Photo: Courtesy of Nivea

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